The Out Islands of the Bahamas

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The Out Islands of the Bahamas
Bimini Bay
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Coordinates25°01′33″N 78°02′09″W / 25.025885°N 78.035889°W / 25.025885; -78.035889Coordinates: 25°01′33″N 78°02′09″W / 25.025885°N 78.035889°W / 25.025885; -78.035889
Total islands11
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The Out Islands are the islands that make up the Bahamas with the exception of New Providence Island and Grand Bahama Island. There are more than 700 islands in the archipelago that make up The Bahamas, but only 14 of the Out Islands are inhabited. These include the Abacos, Acklins and Crooked Islands, Andros, the Berry Islands, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Harbour Island, the Exumas, Inagua, Long Island, Mayaguana, and San Salvador.

Four hundred and fifty years after the Spanish explorers, Ernest Hemingway found it difficult to tear himself from The Islands. Living and writing in Bimini in the 1930s, he called them his Islands in the Stream. There, he wrote, "[t]he water of the Stream was usually a dark blue when you looked out at it when there was no wind. But when you walked out into it there was just the green light of the water over that floury white sand ...".[1]

Official List of The Out Islands of the Bahamas
Berry Islands
Cat Island
Harbour Island
Long Island
San Salvador

The Out Islands are traditionally referred to as the Family Islands by the Bahamians.[citation needed]


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