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Out There was a short-lived science fiction television program broadcast on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. EST on CBS Television from October 28, 1951 through January 13, 1952. It was one of the first science fiction anthology series, and one of the first shows to mix filmed special effects with "live" action.[1] It only lasted twelve half-hour episodes before being cancelled. The awkward time slot may have led to its failure.[2] In its short run, the program featured episodes adapted from stories by (and in some cases written by) authors including Robert A. Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Theodore Sturgeon, John D. McDonald, Murray Leinster, Frank Belknap Long and Milton Lesser.[3] After its initial cancellation, there was at least one report that the network planned on reviving it, but this did not happen.[4]

Episode list[edit]

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "Outer Limit"
"The Outer Limit"
Byron Paul and Andrew McCullough Elhu Winer, after Graham Doar October 28, 1951 (1951-10-28)
2 "Ordeal in Space" TBA Edward Waldo, after Robert A. Heinlein's Ordeal in Space November 4, 1951 (1951-11-04)
3 "The Sense of Wonder" TBA Howard Rodman, after Milton Lesser November 11, 1951 (1951-11-11)
4 "Misfit" TBA Joseph Kramm, after Heinlein's Misfit November 18, 1951 (1951-11-18)
5 "Susceptibility" TBA David Shaw, after John D. MacDonald November 25, 1951 (1951-11-25)
6 "The Green Hills of Earth" TBA Raphael Hayes, after Heinlein's The Green Hills of Earth December 2, 1951 (1951-12-02)
7 "Mewhu's Jet" TBA Edward Waldo, after Theodore Sturgeon December 9, 1951 (1951-12-09)
An alien crashes on a farm.
8 "Seven Temporary Moons" TBA Murray Leinster December 16, 1951 (1951-12-16)
Seven new moons threaten life on earth.
9 "The Man" TBA Howard Rodman, after Ray Bradbury December 23, 1951 (1951-12-23)
10 "The Bus to Nowhere" TBA Reginald Rose December 30, 1951 (1951-12-30)
11 "Guest in the House" TBA Frank Long, from Guest in the House (short story) January 6, 1952 (1952-01-06)
12 "The Castaway" TBA Raphael Hayes January 13, 1952 (1952-01-13)

Guest stars[edit]

Actors appearing in the series included:


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