Out of Sight (TV series)

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For the series based on the Out of Sight novel and film, see Karen Sisco.

Out of Sight was a British children's television programme airing on CITV between 7 November 1996 and 10 December 1998. The series ran for 3 seasons and 27 episodes and made by Central Independent Television, the producers of Woof!. It was written by Richard Carpenter and directed by David Cobham.


The 12-year-old boy genius Joseph (Joe) Lucas discovers an experiment in an old diary and a copy of The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells. With the help of a friend (Ali Pantajali) he recreates the experiment and makes a substance to turn people and things invisible by simply spraying it with the trademark green-bottled solution. The effects are reverted, whether intentionally or not, by the appliance of water or by waiting for a couple of minutes. Joe decides not to tell anybody except Ali of his invention. This is the reason for some strange moments for Joe and his family.


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