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An ovee is a type of meterical stanza in Marathi poetry. An ovee is generally made of four lines. Each line can contain 8–15 syllables, while the fourth line of each ovee is a short one, generally half or 1/3 of the length of first three lines.

The rhyme scheme of an ovee is a-a-a while fourth line does not rhyme with first three. Ovees have been extensively used in medieval period poetry by Marathi saint poets like Tukaram, Eknath and Ramdas. Extensive works like the Dnyaneshwari etc. have been composed in this metre.

Example of an ovee:

aa-ii ma-za gu-ru, aa-ii ka-lpa ta-ru, ya-sha-cha sa-ga-ru, aa-ii maa-zii.

(my mother is my teacher, my mother is a wish fulfilling tree, an ocean of accomplishments, is my mother)