Over the Rainbow (Rainbow album)

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Over the Rainbow
Studio album by Rainbow
Released March 28, 2012 (Japan)
Recorded 2011-2012
Genre J-pop
Length 36:00
Label Universal Sigma
Rainbow chronology
So Girls
(2011)So Girls2011
Over the Rainbow
Rainbow Syndrome
(2013)Rainbow Syndrome2013
Singles from Over the Rainbow
  1. "A"
    Released: September 14, 2011
  2. "Mach"
    Released: December 7, 2011
  3. "Gonna Gonna Go!"
    Released: March 14, 2012
  4. "Candy Girls!"
    Released: September 5, 2012

Over the Rainbow (オーバー ザ レインボー) is the debut Japanese album of South Korean girl group Rainbow, and their first full album overall. It was released on March 28, 2012 in Japan under Universal Sigma.[1] The album was released in two versions, a CD & DVD Edition[2] and a regular CD Edition.[3] It was preceded by the singles "A", "Mach" and first original Japanese single "Gonna Gonna Go!". The album will be re-released in December 12, 2012 in three different editions.


Standard version[edit]

The album was released in two different editions: CD & DVD Edition and the Regular CD Edition.

The CD & DVD Edition contains the CD album, and a DVD containing the "RAINBOW Premium Live at SHIBUYA PUBLIC HALL" show, including the songs "Mach", "Not Your Girl", "To Me", "Gossip Girl", and "A". Also includes a backstage video of the Premium Live show, and a special music video of "Mach", featuring more solo and group shots, also known as a "Close-Up" version from the original music video.[4]

The CD Regular Edition of Over the Rainbow contains only the CD album itself.[4]

Special version[edit]

The album will be re-released in three different editions: two CD+DVD editions and a 2CD only edition.

The CD+DVD editions will include the Over The Rainbow album and a special DVD: Type A will include all music videos of the group included on the albums and Type B will include performances of all Korean promotions tracks, "Gossip Girl", "Not Your Girl", "A", "Mach", "To Me" and "Sweet Dream". All performances are from the KBS' show Music Bank.

The CD only edition will include two CDs: the standard Over the Rainbow as CD 1 and a special Korean greatest hits on the CD 2, including tracks from the mini albums Gossip Girl and So Girls. This edition will include the Japanese song "Candy Girls!", theme song of the animated show Zoobles!, as bonus track of the CD 2.

Track listing[edit]

Standard and special edition
Disc one
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "A" (エー; Ē) Song Soo-yun, Yu Shimoji, NICE73 (Rap making) Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-soo 3:25
2. "Mach" (マッハ; Maha) Song Soo-yun,Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-soo Natsumi Watanabe, Yu Shimoji, NICE73 Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-soo 3:14
3. "Gonna Gonna Go!" (ガナガナGO!; Gana Gana Gō!) Han Sang-won, Kaori Moriwaka, NICE73 (Rap making) Han Sang-won 3:53
4. "Kiss! Kiss! Disco!" Mai Watarai, Emyli (Rap making) ZigZagNote 3:18
5. "Touch Me, Feel Me, Love Me" Shoko Fujibayashi Emyli 4:16
6. "Alright" Kanao Itabashi, NICE73 (Rap making) Mohombi Moupondo, Bruno Lopez, Santiago Rodriguez, Ninos Hanna, Joakim Jarl & Alexander Papadimas 4:24
7. "Not Your Girl" (ノット ユア ガール; Notto Yua Gāru) Han Sang-won Han Sang-won, Shihomi, NICE73 3:29
8. "Energy" Will Simms, Ronny Svendsen, Anne Judith Wik, Erik Lewander, Emyli Will Simms, Ronny Svendsen, Anne Judith Wik, Erik Lewander 3:44
9. "Hello" Lae Joo-hyoung, G-High, Mai Watarai, Emyli (Rap making) Lae Joo-hyoung, G-High 3:14
10. "Gossip Girl" (ゴシップガール; Goshippugāru) Hur Youn-won, Litz, NICE73 (Rap making) Hur Youn-won 3:07
Total length: 36:00
Special edition disc two
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Not Your Girl" Han Sang-won Han Sang-won  
2. "Gossip Girl" Hur Youn-won Hur Youn-won  
3. "I Believe" Song Soo-yun, Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-soo Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-soo  
4. "Kiss" Kim Bo-ah, Park Jung-min Lee Joo-hyung  
5. "A" Song Soo-yun Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-soo  
6. "Mach" Song Soo-yun Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-soo  
7. "To Me" (내게로..; Naegelo..) N-Sun, Double K Daishi Dance, A.I.P  
8. "Sweet Dream" Gil Hak-mi, Double K Park Se-hyun, Daishi Dance, A.I.P  
9. "Candy Girls!" (Bonus track)      



Oricon Chart Peak Debut Sales Sales Total Chart Run
Daily Albums Chart 5 13,009 (Weekly)
17,364 (Monthly)
31,559+ 17 weeks
Weekly Albums Chart[5] 10
Monthly Albums Chart 37
Yearly Albums Chart

Other charts[edit]

Chart Peak
Billboard Japan Top Albums[6] 10

Release history[edit]

Country Date Distributing label Edition
March 28, 2012
Universal Sigma
CD+DVD Edition
December 12, 2012


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