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DSP Media
Industry Music & Entertainment
Genre K-pop
Founded 1991
Founder Lee Ho-yeon
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Area served
Products Music & Entertainment
Services Music & Entertainment agency
Owner Lee Ho-yeon
Website DSP Media official homepage

DSP Media, formerly known as DSP Entertainment, is a Korean entertainment company, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea that was established in 1991 by Lee HoYeon. DSP Media entered the K-pop scene with the success of 90′s idol groups Sechs Kies and Fin.K.L. Today, DSP Media is an all around entertainment company responsible for music production, marketing, talent agent and management, music distribution and publishing.


DSP Media was originally named DaeSung Enterprise when it first went into business in 1991. In fact, the company went through four name changes. In 1999, the company was renamed DSP Entertainment. In 2008, with the successful expansion in the entertainment industry, DSP Entertainment was rebranded as DSP Media.

DaeSung Enterprise was founded in September 1991 by Lee HoYeon to provide entertainers to the public. One of their first Korean music groups was Firetruck (소방차). The group was a hit and is still loved by the older Koreans.

In February 1999, with the success of star groups like Sechs Kies and FIN.K.L., the company went through legal actions to rename itself to DSP Entertainment.

After merging with Hoshin Textile Company (호신섬유) in March 2006, DSP Entertainment was renamed to DSP Enti.

In September 2008, DSP Enti was renamed as DSP Media. By this time, the company became renowned for its success in the kpop music, Korean drama and TV show production industries.




  • 1 Oh Jong Hyuk originally debuted as a member of Click-B in 1999. He made his debut as a solo artist in September 2006 with the album 'Issue'.
  • 2Goo Ha-ra originally debuted as a member of KARA in 2008. She made her debut as a solo artist in July 2015.


  • Rainbow Pixie
  • Rainbow Blaxx

Actors and Actress


  • Park Jong Hyuk[1]
  • Mathew Kim (former Kpop Star contestant)
  • Taebin



Former Trainees[edit]

  • Jang Jisoo (now under Kant Entertainment as a member of Swincle)
  • Lee Donguk (now under Orange Entertainment as a member of DNT)
  • Goo Hye-sun (now an actress under YG Entertainment)
  • Lee Gi-kwang (now under Cube Entertainment as a member of B2ST)
  • Ahn Jaehyo (now under Seven Seasons as a member of Block B)
  • Moon JoonYoung (Lee Hoo) (now Star Empire Entertainment as a member of ZE:A)
  • Son Dambi (now a solo singer and actress under Music K Entertainment)
  • Shim Hyun Kyung (now a member of Chinese group i Me)
  • NS Yoon-G (now under JTM Entertainment)
  • Hong Jinyoung (now under Music K Entertainment)
  • Hwang Park Kyung (Left due to stress and other personal problems in early 2010; was originally a trainee to debut with A-Jax)
  • Ga Jin (now under EC Ebenezer as a member of S the ONE)
  • Han Kyu Wan (was a trainee to debut with SS501 but failed because of some issues, also was a former trainee under S.M. Entertainment and was to debut with EXO but plans fell because he was still in military service)
  • Woo Hyemi (Contestant on "The Voice of Korea", entered top four in semi-finals; was originally a trainee to debut with KARA)
  • Sihyun (now under B2M Entertainment as a member of Spica)
  • Kang Minhee (now under Brand New Music as a member of Miss $)
  • Siyoon (now under NEW PLANET Entertainment as a member of A-PRINCE)
  • Taeha (now under MBK Entertainment as a member of SPEED)
  • Seon Joo-ah (now an actress)
  • Lee Ji-hoon (1998) (now an actor)
  • Lee Joonmo (trained under DSP Media director)
  • Son Yuji (now train under GH Entertainment)
  • Ahn Sojin (Baby KARA member, committed suicide on February 24, 2015)
  • Sowon (now under Source Music as a member of G-Friend)
  • Seo Jisoo (now under Woollim Entertainment as a member of Lovelyz)


  • Emergency Act 19 (Film, 2002)
  • Drama Three Leaf Clover (SBS, 2005)
  • My girl (SBS, 2005)
  • She (SBS, 2006)
  • Yeon Gae So Mun (SBS, 2006)
  • Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (SBS, 2007)
  • Bad couple (SBS, 2007)
  • Heartbreak Library (Film, 2008)
  • Queen of Housewives (MBC, 2009)

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