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Overlay may refer to:


  • Overlay network, a computer network which is built on top of another network
  • Hardware overlay, one type of video overlay that uses memory dedicated to the application
  • Another term for exec, replacing one process by another
  • Overlay (programming), a technique to reduce the amount of memory used by a program
  • Overlay keyboard, a specialized keyboard with no pre-set keys
  • Keyboard overlay, a sheet of printed text sitting between the keys, depicting an alternate keyboard layout
  • Vector overlay, an analysis procedure in a geographic information system for integrating multiple data sets

Other uses[edit]

  • Overlay architecture, temporary elements that supplement existing buildings and infrastructure for major sporting events or festivals
  • Overlay control, in semiconductor manufacturing, for monitoring layer-to-layer alignment on multi-layer device structures
  • Overlay plan, a method of introducing new area codes in telephony
  • Historic overlay district, a zoning district that applies special rules to a portion of other districts, usually for historic or conservation reasons
  • Video overlay, techniques to display video on computer display
  • When the payoffs in gambling are greater than the costs; see Advantage gambling

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