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Overload #92
EditorFrances Buontempo
CategoriesComputer magazines
First issueApril 1993
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inHenley on Thames
WebsiteOverload Online

Overload is a bi-monthly professional computer magazine published by ACCU, that was established in 1993 and is edited by Frances Buontempo. It aims to "publish a high standard of articles about all aspects of software development".[1] All issues of Overload, starting from August 1998, are available online.[2]


Overload was started in 1993 as a magazine of the "Turbo C++ SIG".[3] By 1994, it had become a "journal of C++ SIG", with an appropriate change in scope. At that time there were several magazines with similar scope, including C/C++ Users Journal, C++ Report, and to a lesser extent, Dr. Dobb's Journal. The scope of Overload continued to be broadened[4] and in 2000 the magazine was relabeled from "journal of C++ SIG" to "journal of ACCU".[5] About the same time, a board of "readers" was established, to assist authors with improving their articles.[4]

Over time, many competing publications have been discontinued (C++ Report has been discontinued in 2002, C/C++ Users Journal in 2006, Dr Dobbs Journal in 2009),[6] and by 2010 Overload has become the only magazine to cover this area,[citation needed] which has attracted articles of notable writers such as former contributing editor of C/C++ Users Journal Matthew Wilson[7] and creator of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup.[8]

Since its establishment, the scope of the magazine has evolved from issues specific to C/C++ into all aspects of software development, with a particular emphasis on Agile software development.[9][10] In 2005 Overload published a Quality Manifesto by Tom Gilb.

Notable contributors[edit]


  • Frances Buontempo (2012–present)
  • Ric Parkin (2008–2012)
  • Alan Griffiths (2003–2008)
  • John Merrels (1998–2003)
  • Sean A. Corfield (1995–1997)
  • Mike Toms (1993–1994)


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