Ovidius High School

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Liceul Teoretic Ovidius
Coordinates44°10′18″N 28°38′07″E / 44.17167°N 28.63528°E / 44.17167; 28.63528Coordinates: 44°10′18″N 28°38′07″E / 44.17167°N 28.63528°E / 44.17167; 28.63528
Founded26–27 May 1955
DirectorCristina Anghel

Ovidius is a high school in Constanţa, Romania. It was founded on 27 May 1955, by its first director, Alexandru Ştefănescu.


Established in 1955 under the name "Secondary School No. 3", it became in 1965 "High School No. 3", although it was also a gymnasium school.

In 1972, Constanţa was visited by cultural personalities from 17 countries (including Italy, France, Canada, the United States) and by the mayor of Sulmona, Italy (the birthplace of Ovid). The mayor of Constanţa proposed then that the school should bear the name Ovidius, after the Roman poet Ovid, who was banished to Tomis (nowadays Constanţa), and died there. His suggestion wasn't followed immediately, however.

In 1975, the school became the "Mathematics and Physics High School No. 1", and in 1982 it was transformed into the "Industrial High School No. 10". After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, on September 1, 1990, it was eventually renamed "Ovidius", as suggested 18 years earlier.

Despite the frequent name changes, "Ovidius" remains a prestigious high school of the city and the county of Constanţa. The students of this school have achieved very good results at national and International Science Olympiads.