Oyun Musa

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Oyun Musa

Oyun Musa (Moses Spring, عيون موسى)

The springs of Moses found 20 km South of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel in South Sinai, are a collection of fresh water springs said to be where Moses during the Israelite Exodus was directed by Yahweh to throw a tree branch, possibly a barberry into the bitter springs to make them sweet enough to drink.

The springs are located on the main Suez to Sharm el Sheikh road and are found behind a bedouin village settlement of the same name.

To find the springs, visitors should drive South on the main road to the Oyun Musa police checkpoint and turn right just before the checkpoint, head up the hill and the springs can be found approx 1 km from the turn off.

Coordinates: 29°52′37″N 32°39′30″E / 29.87694°N 32.65833°E / 29.87694; 32.65833