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This article is about the 70s funk band. For the Moldovan pop group, see O-zone.
For other uses, see Ozone (disambiguation).
Ozone during their tenure at Motown
Background information
Origin Nashville, Tennessee
Genres Funk
Years active 1977–1984
Labels Motown
Associated acts The Endeavors
Billy Preston
Teena Marie
Past members Charles A. Glenn Jr.
James S. Stewart Jr.
Paul Hines
Benny Wallace
Thomas Bumpass
William White
Ray Woodward
Greg Hargrove
Herman Brown
Joe Foxxworth

Ozone was an Funk and R&B group during the late 1970s and early 1980s, signed to Motown Records.


When the Nashville funk band The Endeavors broke up in 1977, three members, Benny Wallace, Jimmy Stewart and Charles Glenn formed a new group, calling it Ozone. The trio later recruited trumpeter Thomas Bumpass, saxophonist and vocalist William "Billy" White, saxophonist and vocalist Ray Woodward, guitarist Greg Hargrove and drummer Paul Hines. In 1981 guitarist Herman Brown replaced Greg Hargrove[1]

During their first two years, Ozone performed as backup singer alongside Billy Preston and Syreeta, who were with Motown Records at the time. This relationship led to them receiving a deal of their own in 1979. They released their LP, "Walk On" in 1980.It was almost Instrumental Funk. For the next album,Motown appoints Michael Lovesmith for vocal tunes.

Over the next two years, they released 3 full-length albums on Motown: Jump on It (Non-Charting), Lil' Suzy (#45 R&B, #152 Hot 200), and Send It (#61 R&B). Their final album to be released, the LP Glasses, came also out on Motown in 1983, and which was reissued around 2008 on cd by PTG Records in the Netherlands. The song "(Our Hearts) Will Always Shine" from that album had minor success in the UK.

Although Ozone served as backup to Billy Preston and Syreeta,[1] they are most remembered for their work with Teena Marie. They appeared on several tracks on Lady T in 1980.[2] They were also featured on the song "Chains" from her album Irons in the Fire that same year.[3] The majority of her songs horn arrangements were handled by Ozone[4]

Marie returned the favor by composing for and performing with Ozone on several of their albums. She even appeared on 4 of the 8 tracks on "Send It" in 1981.[5] She also wrote and can be heard on their minor hit "Gigolette".

Ozone also aided Bobby Nunn on his 1982 single She's Just a Groupie[6] and his 1983 album Private Party.[7] (Not to be confused with this Bobby Nunn, they aided a completely different artist)

Even though their biggest hits "Strutt My Thang" and "Gigolette" only peaked at #73 and 55 on the R&B charts respectively, and no other singles charted, Ozone has made its way onto several funk compilation albums.[8][9][10]


  • Walk On (Motown, 1980)
  • Jump On It (Motown, 1981)
  • Send It (Motown, 1981)
  • Lil' Suzy (Motown, 1982)
  • Glasses (Motown, 1983)

Featured on[edit]

Teena Marie

  • Lady T (1980)[2] 1 track
  • Irons in the Fire (1980)[3] 3 tracks

Bobby Nunn

  • She's Just a Groupie (1982)[6]
  • Private Party (1983)[7]


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