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Páraic Breathnach born 1956 is an Irish actor, performer, writer and story teller.


A fluent Irish speaker, Páraic grew up in Carna, County Galway. As a student in NUI Galway, he was deeply involved with An Cumann Drámaíochta and Dramsoc, where he teamed up with Ollie Jennings in a series of groundbreaking cultural initiatives in and out of college. He worked with An Taibhdhearc and Druid Theatres and became the first manager of Galway Arts Centre, before co-founding Macnas with Ollie Jennings.

He has appeared in several major Irish films throughout the years, including Michael Collins and Breakfast on Pluto. He is also well known for playing the character of Jacksie Walsh on Killinaskully, as well as being a frequent contributor to TG4.

He has also been the managing director of the Galway Arts Center.[1]

In 2005 he was awarded an honorary degree from NUI Galway "for his immense contribution to cultural life in Galway and Ireland".[2]

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