P. D. Q. Bach in Houston: We Have a Problem!

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P.D.Q. Bach in Houston: We Have a Problem!
Live album by Peter Schickele
Released 2006 (2006)
Recorded Houston, Texas, United States
Genre Classical
Peter Schickele chronology
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P.D.Q. Bach in Houston: We Have a Problem!
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P.D.Q. Bach in Houston: We Have a Problem! is a live performance celebrating 40 years of P. D. Q. Bach. This performance features Professor Peter Schickele with Orchestra X conducted by Peter Jacoby. It includes never-before-recorded performances of "Trumpet Involuntary" movement of Iphigenia in Brooklyn, and also the rounds Odden und Enden (many of which have been previously unavailable on CD).


  • Professor Peter Schickele, conductor, wine bottle, windbreaker, slide windbreaker, singist and musicological master
  • Orchestra X, Peter Jacoby, conductor (on-screen credit: "semiconductor")
  • Okay Chorale, Tom Jaber, chorusmaster (on-screen credit: "seasoned conductor")
  • William Walters, Manager of the Stage
  • Giff Nielsen, color commentator
  • Michèle Eaton, singist
  • David Düsing, singist
  • Gerrod Pagenkopf, bargain counter tenor
  • Jessica Smith, off-coloratura soprano
  • Cybele Gouverneur, mezzanine-soprano
  • John Weinel, tenor profundo
  • Sam Handley, basso blotto
  • Shih-Ting Huang, violin, captain of the orchestra
  • Jaryn Philleo, oboe, double reeds
  • Melanie Lancon, flute, slide whistle
  • Marat Rakhmatullaev, bassoon, tromboon
  • Cesar Martinez Bourguet, cello, discontinuo
  • Larry Hernandez, trumpet
  • Matt Menger, horn, shower hose in C alto
  • Phil Moody, kazoo primo
  • Brian Shircliffe, kazoo secundo
  • John Welton, continuo accordiano
  • Lillian Copeland, Ben Kamins, double reeds
  • Patty Moeling, slide whistle
  • Cheerleaders from the Spirit of Houston Cougar Band, themselves


1. "Desecration of the House" Overture
2. Schleptet in E-flat major, S. 0

  • Molto Larghissimo — Allegro Boffo
  • Menuetto con Brio ma Senza Trio
  • Adagio Saccharino
  • Yehudi Menuetto
  • Presto Hey Nonny Nonnio

3. Iphigenia in Brooklyn, S. 53,162

  • I. Trumpet Involuntary
  • II. Aria: "When Hyperion"
  • III. Recitative: "And Lo!"
  • IV. Ground: "Dying"
  • V. Recitative: "And in a vision"
  • VI. Aria: "Running"

4. "Unbegun" Symphony (Prof. Schickele)

  • III. Minuet
  • IV. Andante — Allegro

5. New Horizons in Music Appreciation

  • Allegro con brio from Symphony No. 5 in C minor (Beethoven)

6. Fuga Meshuga from The Musical Sacrifice, S. 50% off
7. The Seasonings, S. 1½ tsp.

  • Chorus: "Tarragon of virtue is full"
  • Recitative: "And there were in the same country"
  • Duet: "Bide thy thyme"
  • Fugue
  • Recitative: "Then asked he"
  • Chorale: "By the leeks of Babylon"
  • Recitative: "Then she gave in"
  • Aria: "Open sesame seeds"
  • Recitative: "So saying"
  • Duet: "Summer is a cumin seed"
  • Soloists and chorus: "To curry favor, favor curry"

DVD Bonus Selections
1. "Unbegun" Symphony with Theme Identifications
2. Odden und Enden

  • The Mule
  • Three-Step Crab Dinner
  • O Serpent
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (Prof. Schickele)
  • Please, Kind Sir, from The Art of the Ground Round

3. KUHT interview with Peter Schickele
4. Bio of Peter Schickele, P.D.Q. Bach and Peter Jacoby