The Intimate P. D. Q. Bach

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The Intimate P. D. Q. Bach
PDQ Bach The Intimate PDQ Bach.jpg
Live album by P. D. Q. Bach
Released 1974
Label Vanguard
P. D. Q. Bach chronology
The Wurst of
P. D. Q. Bach

The Intimate
P. D. Q. Bach

Portrait of
P. D. Q. Bach


The Intimate P. D. Q. Bach is "a live recording of The Intimate P.D.Q. Bach stage show, featuring Professor Peter Schickele and the Semi-Pro Musica Antiqua" and was released on Vanguard Records in 1974. Many of the performer credits are humorous, and as with all P.D.Q. Bach recordings, the "S" numbers are fictitious and humorous. The cover art is a parody of the painting Kreutzer Sonata.


  • Professor Peter Schickele, "beriberitone", calliope, siren (Quaint Old Innkeeper, Hansel Hunter, Monk, Doctor)
  • John Ferrante, "bargain counter tenor", harpsichord, razzer (Gretel Red Riding Hood, Village Idiot, Teddy Nice)
  • David Oei, piano, police whistle
  • John Nelson, "singist"
  • Peter Rosenfeld, celloist
  • Arthur Weisberg, "bassooner"

Track listing[edit]

1. Spoken introduction

Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice, an opera in one unnatural act, S. 2n-1 (P.D.Q. Bach)
  • Overture
  • Aria: "I am a quaint old innkeeper"
  • Aria: "Like a lonely pilgrim"
  • Aria: "My name is Hansel Hunter"
  • Aria: "I'm the village idiot"
  • Aria: "Et expecto"
  • Aria: "There's something about a monk"
  • Duet: "Do you love me?"
  • Interlude: Medical examination
  • Aria: "I hope you'll take this friendly advice"
  • Aria: "Teddy Nice is my name"
  • Duet: "Jump not to conclusions"
  • Finale: "Just tell me what your name is"

2. The O.K. Chorale from the "Toot" Suite for calliope four hands, S. 212° (P.D.Q. Bach)
3. Spoken introduction

"Erotica" Variations, for banned instruments and piano, S. 36EE (P.D.Q. Bach)
  • Theme: Windbreaker
  • Variation I: Balloons
  • Variation II: Slide Whistle
  • Variation III: Slide Windbreaker
  • Variation IV: Lasso D'Amore
  • Variation V: Foghorn, Bell, Kazoo, Gargle

4. Spoken introduction

The Art of the Ground Round, for three baritones and discontinuo, S. 1.19/lb (P.D.Q. Bach)
  • Loving is as easy
  • Please, kind sir
  • Jane, my Jane
  • Golly golly oh
  • Nelly is a nice girl