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The PC/104 Consortium was established in February 1992 by 12 companies with a common vision of adapting desktop computer technology for embedded applications. The consortium has since had a tremendous, positive effect on the embedded computer marketplace and now includes over 50 member companies.[1] The PC/104 Consortium's technological philosophy is to support legacy technology while developing new solutions for the future. Longevity is a requirement for embedded systems and one of the hallmarks of PC/104 technology.

Adopted specifications[edit]

PC/104 - ISA
PC/104-Plus - PCI/ISA
PCI-104 - PCI
PCI/104-Express - PCIe/PCI
PCIe/104 - PCIe
EBX Express - PCIe/PCI
EPIC Express - PCIe/PCI

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  1. ^ Refer to the PC/104 Consortium's Membership Directory