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An Arriva Shires & Essex bus advertising Plusbus
An Uno bus advertising Plusbus

Plusbus, PlusBus or PLUSBUS is an add-on ticket, which can be purchased with National Rail train tickets in Great Britain. It allows unlimited travel on participating bus operators' services, and in some cases trams, in the whole urban area of rail-served towns and cities, except London.[1]


The Plusbus scheme was launched in 2002.[2] The scheme is promoted by ATOC, and administered by Journey Solutions, a partnership of Britain's leading bus and train operating companies.[3] Plusbus won the International Road Transport Union Eurochallenge Award in 2007 for their model of private partnership providing outstanding social and customer value.[4]

Rail and bus ticketing[edit]

Plusbus is available to 290 towns and cities across Britain (outside greater London). It gives the rail traveller unlimited local bus travel around the whole urban area of the origin and/or destination town(s) of their rail journey.[1] Prices start from £1.50 for a day's travel, in addition to the rail fare. Season tickets are now available for most destinations.[1][5] Railcard holders get one-third off Plusbus day ticket prices. Children (aged under 16 years old) get 50% off Plusbus day ticket prices.

Plusbus tickets can be purchased with train tickets from all National Rail station ticket offices, by phone, through National Rail travel agents and selected self-service ticket machines.[1] Over two hundred bus and tram operators participate in Plusbus schemes across Britain. Tickets are also sold by all train operating companies online and most third-party online rail ticket retailers as well.

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