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Not to be confused with the Indian festival Poet Day.

POETS day is a term used by workers in the United Kingdom and Australia[citation needed], to jocularly refer to Friday as the last day of the work week. The letters in "POETS" are an acronym for "Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday": hence Friday becomes a Poet's day. Variations on this are "Punch Out Early Tomorrow's Saturday" (referring to a manual punch time clock), "Push Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday" and "Push Off Early Tomorrow's Sunday" (based on the old 6 day work week). Another usage is in the slang of the United States Navy as an acronym for "Piss on electronics, tomorrow's Saturday".[citation needed] It is used by people in electronics ratings and refers to any day before the start of the weekend as a period without working time to be spent at paid occupational labor.[citation needed]

It also is a backronym, to be read as in "A Poets Day Dream."[citation needed]

The Waterloo Engineering Society, at the University of Waterloo, has an on-campus pub named POETS[1] The official expansion of the name is "Piss On Everything, Tomorrow's Saturday".[citation needed] The University of Calgary's Schulich School of Engineering also has a weekly meeting/party with the same expansion of POETS.[citation needed]

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