Puerto Rico Highway 132

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Highway 132
Route information
Maintained by DTOP
Major junctions
East end: PR-123 in Canas Urbano, Ponce

PR-123 in Canas Urbano
PR-500 in Canas Urbano
PR-9 (future) in Canas Urbano
PR-502 in Quebrada Limon
PR-385 in Penuelas
PR-382 in East Guayanilla
PR-381 in Guayanilla

PR-2 in Guayanilla Pueblo
West end: Guayanilla
Highway system

Puerto Rico Highways

PR-131 PR-133

Puerto Rico Highway 132 is secondary [1] highway that connects the town of Guayanilla to the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico. The road runs through the town of Peñuelas before reaching Ponce. In August 2011, a bill was introduced in the Puerto Rico to build a new road that would take over some of the traffic currently on PR-132. The new road may start off at PR-500 and connect to PR-127. The proposed road would also take over some of the traffic currently on PR-2.[2]