Puerto Rico Highway 503

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Highway 503 marker

Highway 503
Route information
Length: 21.8 km[1] (13.5 mi)
Major junctions
North end: Barrio Consejo, Jayuya
South end: Barrio Sexto (Cantera), Ponce
Highway system

Puerto Rico Highways

PR-502 PR-504

Puerto Rico Highway 503 is a tertiary[2] state[3] road that connects Barrio Consejo in the southwestern part of the town of Jayuya to barrio Sexto in the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico. The road northern terminus is at its intersection with Puerto Rico Highway 143 in Jayuya's barrio Consejo. The road runs southernly through barrio Portugues of the municipality of Adjuntas, and through barrios Guaraguao, San Patricio, Tibes, Portugues, and Portugues Urbano of the municipality of Ponce before reaching barrio Sexto (Cantera) in the city of Ponce. The road leads to the Represa Portugués in Barrio Tibes. On 12 July 2011, Governor Luis Fortuño signed Law #130-2011 (House Bill 2885) naming this road as the David Medina-Feliciano Highway in honor of the costumbrista painter from Ponce.[4]

A stretch of Puerto Rico Highway 503 (PR-503) heading northbound in Barrio Portugues, in Ponce, Puerto Rico



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