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Pablo Reinoso
Pablo Reinoso2.jpg
Pablo Reinoso
Born8 March 1955[1]
Buenos Aires
Known forInstallations
Furniture design
Notable work
Spaghetti benches

Pablo Reinoso (born 8 March 1955, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine–French artist and designer who has been working in Paris since 1978.[1]


Pablo Reinoso was introduced to carpentry by his French grandfather. He made his first chair when he was six years old.[2] He went on to study Architecture in University of Buenos Aires and began a career in communications and design.[3]

Reinoso has lived and worked in Paris since 1978. He became known for his public installations and sculptures, created from traditional materials such as metal, stone and wood.[4] After 1995 he began to introduce a wider range of materials, such as cloth in his installations Respirantes, Persistantes and Contractantes.[citation needed] In the late 1990s he broadened his work in a commercial direction to include the design of products, for example perfume bottles.[citation needed] In 2003 he designed a new cup for the French Ligue de Football Professionnel.[4]

In 2012 Reinoso had his first Asian exhibition, at the Art Plural Gallery in Singapore, showing 15 sculptures.[3] Eleven of his works were shown in Macau as part of Le French May in 2013.[5]

The critic Patricia Avena Navarro described Reinoso as a "sensible artist, his work is informed by a complex sphere of relations that include the biographic due to their link with art history and the world of psychoanalysis, which announce the absolute triumph of the image."[4]

Reinoso lives in Malakoff, a suburb of Paris.[6]

Notable work[edit]

  • Respirantes (1996), Persistantes (1998)[6][7] and Contractantes – cloth art installations
  • Rue Payenne Apartment, Paris – architectural renovation[8]


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