Pacific Tarn

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Pacific Tarn
Pacific Tarn from Pacific Peak
Pacific Tarn in the Tenmile Range of Colorado
Location Summit County, Colorado, United States
Coordinates 39°25′11″N 106°07′11″W / 39.41972°N 106.11972°W / 39.41972; -106.11972Coordinates: 39°25′11″N 106°07′11″W / 39.41972°N 106.11972°W / 39.41972; -106.11972
Basin countries United States
Max. length 560 ft (170 m)
Max. width 464 ft (141 m)
Surface area 4.7 acres (1.9 ha)
Max. depth 28 ft (8.5 m)
Surface elevation 13,420 ft (4,090 m)

Pacific Tarn is a small lake located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the United States. It is notable for its 13,420 foot (4,090 m) elevation,[1] making it the highest lake in the United States whose name is recognized by the United States Board on Geographic Names.

The lake sits atop the broad eastern ridge of Pacific Peak in the Tenmile Range.

Efforts to name the lake were spearheaded by Carl Drews, a Boulder, Colorado resident who organized an expedition to the lake in 2002 to measure the size, depth and water chemistry. The lake remained unnamed until January 8, 2004, when the United States Board of Geographic Names officially approved the name Pacific Tarn for the lake.

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