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The Wood, later Page Wood Baronetcy, of Hatherley House in the County of Gloucester,[1] is a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 16 December 1837 for Matthew Wood, Lord Mayor of London from 1815 to 1817 and Whig Member of Parliament for the City of London from 1817 to 1843. The fifth Baronet assumed the additional surname of Page. Two other members of the family have also gained distinction. William Wood, 1st Baron Hatherley, Lord High Chancellor from 1868 to 1872, was the second son of the first Baronet while Field Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood was the fifth son of the second Baronet. Also, Katharine O'Shea, known for her relationship with Charles Stewart Parnell, was the daughter of the second Baronet.

Wood baronets, of Hatherley House (1837)[edit]

  • Sir Matthew Wood, 1st Baronet (1768–1843)
  • Sir John Page Wood, 2nd Baronet (1796–1866)
  • Sir Francis Wood, 3rd Baronet (1834–1868)
  • Sir Matthew Wood, 4th Baronet (1857–1908)
  • Sir John Page Wood, 5th Baronet (1860–1912)
  • Sir John Stuart Page Wood, 6th Baronet (1898–1955)
  • Sir John Hatherley David Page Wood, 7th Baronet (1921–1955)
  • Sir Anthony John Page Wood, 8th Baronet (born 1951)[2]


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