Palmerston County

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Northern Territory
Palmerston County 1886.jpg
Map of Palmerston County in 1886 showing the hundreds
Lands administrative divisions around Palmerston:
Timor Sea Beagle Gulf Van Diemen Gulf
Timor Sea Palmerston Disraeli
Timor Sea Malmesbury Roseberry

Palmerston County is one of the five counties in the Northern Territory which are part of the Lands administrative divisions of Australia. It contains the city of Darwin. It was proclaimed in the 1860s, and divided into hundreds. Being on the northern coast of the territory, it is bounded on the north and west by sea, the Adelaide River on the east and on the south by a line at longitude approximately 13°15' south (from a point adjacent to the southernmost of the Peron Islands to the township of Adelaide River).