Pambak River

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Vanadzor nature.jpg
Pambak River flowing towards the city of Vanadzor
Country Armenia
Location Lori Province
Basin features
Main source Pambak Mountains
2,200 m (7,200 ft)
Basin size 1,370 km2 (530 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 86 km (53 mi)
Rivers in Armenia

Pambak (Armenian: Փամբակ), is a river in the region of Lori Province in Northern Armenia and a tributary of the Debed river. It originates in the Pambak Mountains and flows west to east through spectacular gorges around Bazum Mountains. It finally feeds into the Debed river near Dzoragyugh, which ultimately drains to the Kura river.[1]


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Coordinates: 40°57′26″N 44°37′57″E / 40.95722°N 44.63250°E / 40.95722; 44.63250