Panji Poyon

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Panji Poyon
Панҷи Поён
Nizhniy Pyandzh
Panji Poyon is located in Tajikistan
Panji Poyon
Panji Poyon
Location in Tajikistan
Coordinates: 37°11′43″N 68°34′43″E / 37.19528°N 68.57861°E / 37.19528; 68.57861Coordinates: 37°11′43″N 68°34′43″E / 37.19528°N 68.57861°E / 37.19528; 68.57861
Country  Tajikistan
Viloyat Khatlon
Elevation[1] 1,089 ft (332 m)

Panji Poyon (Tajik: Панҷи Поён), also known since the times of the Soviet Union[1] as Nizhny Panj (from Russian: Нижний Пяндж, Nizhniy Pyandzh) is a border checkpoint on the Tajik side of the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border. Both Tajik and Russian names mean literally "Lower Panj".

It is the place of an Afghanistan-Tajikistan Bridge across the Panj River.

It is the last point on the European route E123.

The outpost witnesses the increase of drug traffic. Within the framework of international cooperation, in 2008 the new customs facility was built with the help of the United States at the outpost.[1]