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Pantech Wireless
Industry Wireless
Founded 2002
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Key people
Beyong-Yeop Park: Founder, CEO
Charles Park: CEO, NAM
Wyatt Whaley: Vice President, Product Planning, NAM

Pantech Wireless, Inc. (PWI), formed in 2002, is the North American subsidiary of Pantech, one of Korea’s three largest mobile phone manufacturers.


PWI has created wireless products for major North American carriers including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel and Virgin Mobile.

Benchmark handsets created by PWI for the North American market include the popular line of dual-sliding, double-keyboard devices such as the Pantech duo, Matrix, and Pantech Matrix Pro smartphone. PWI also manufactures Slate, “world’s thinnest phone with a QWERTY keyboard,”[1] and C3b, “the world’s smallest camera flip-phone.”[2] Additionally, PWI created the Breeze, a handset that utilizes the principles of Universal Design, which are a set of guidelines that ensure consumer electronics products are of optimal ease of use for customers of all ages, and those with disabilities.

Products North America[edit]

Product Name Date Carrier
Hero May 2006 Helio
DM-P100 Apr., 2006 Disney Mobile
C300 Jun., 2006 AT&T
PN-218 Aug., 2006 Alltel Wireless
C120 Oct., 2006 AT&T
C3 Nov., 2006 AT&T
Ocean Feb., 2007 Helio
C3b May, 2007 AT&T
DM-P205 May, 2007 Disney Mobile
C150 Jul., 2007 AT&T
Pantech duo Oct., 2007 AT&T
Pantech duo (red) Feb., 2008 AT&T
Breeze May, 2008 AT&T
C610 Oct., 2008 AT&T
Matrix Oct., 2008 AT&T
Slate Oct., 2008 AT&T
C630 Dec., 2008 AT&T
Ocean 2 Feb., 2009 Virgin Mobile
Matrix PRO Feb., 2009 AT&T
Breeze (black) Feb., 2009 AT&T
Link Apr., 2010 AT&T
Breeze II May, 2010 AT&T
Pursuit Jun., 2010 AT&T
Ease Jun., 2010 AT&T
Laser Oct., 2010 AT&T
Crossover Jun., 2011 AT&T
Breeze III Jul., 2011 AT&T
Pursuit II Jul., 2011 AT&T

Pantech Company Timeline[edit]

  • 1991: Established Pantech Co., Ltd
  • 2002: Established Pantech Wireless, Inc. (PWI) in North America
  • 2003: Formed a J/V – Dalian Daxian Pantech Communications Co, Ltd in Dalian, China
  • 2003: Company begins developing Pantech branded products
  • 2004: Pantech debuts first GSM handset with fingerprint recognition
  • 2005: Acquired SK Teletech owning SKY brand, the most upscale premium brand in Korea
  • 2005: First entered Japan market among Korean handset makers delivering 1st model to KDDI
  • 2006: First PWI branded device, PN-218, offered through Alltell
  • 2006: PWI launches C300, “world’s smallest camera flip phone,” with AT&T
  • 2006: PWI manufacturers Ocean, first dual-sliding, double keyboard handset, created for Helio
  • 2008: Slate, “world’s thinnest phone with a QWERTY keyboard,” created for AT&T
  • 2009: Launched Breeze, an easy-to-use and “top performing” handset for AT&T
  • 2009: Launched ‘Matrix Pro’, a dual sliding smart phone for AT&T
  • 2010: Launched Impact, Pantech's first haptic, dual key-board 3G Quick Messaging phone for AT&T
  • 2010: Launched Reveal, a slider with simultaneous numeric and QWERTY keypad 3G Quick Messaging phone for AT&T
  • 2010: Link, Pantech's ultra-slim and sleek messaging phone launches at AT&T
  • 2010: Launched Breeze II, the successor to the Breeze, easy-to-use handset for AT&T
  • 2010: Pursuit launches for AT&T as Pantech's first phone with touchscreen
  • 2010: Launched Pantech Ease, the first simplicity-centric phone for AT&T with keyboard and touchscreen
  • 2010: Laser, AT&T's thinnest phone with sliding keyboard, is launched
  • 2011: Crossover, Pantech's first Android smartphone in the U.S., is launched
  • 2011: 20th Anniversary of Pantech Wireless, Inc., U.S.-based subsidiary of Pantech Group
  • 2011: Pantech announces exclusive handset sponsorship of Dew Tour
  • 2011: Pantech announces sponsorship of Dew Tour Pro Athletes, Bucky Lasek, Brett Banasiewicz, Greg Lutzka, Ryan Devenzo
  • 2011: Inaugural Pantech Open in Ocean City, MD for Dew Tour Action Sports Competition


  • 1995: Pantech creates the world’s first CDMA product
  • 2005: Pantech honored with the Best Mobile Phone Application distinction at the Asian Mobile News Award
  • 2005, 2006, 2007: Pantech receives seven iF Design awards and four red dot Design awards for excellence and innovation in mobile phone design
  • 2007: Pantech’s IM-U200 (Korean market) awarded ‘Best of Innovation’ at CES International


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