Panticosa-Los Lagos

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Panticosa-Los Lagos
Logo Aramón Panticosa.png
Location Tena Valley, Pyrenees, Spain
Nearest city Jaca
Top elevation 2200 m
Base elevation 1350 m
Skiable area 34 km
Runs 38
Lift system 1 gondola lift. 6 chair lifts. 5 ski tows. 3 magic carpet lifts.
Former Panticosa-Los Lagos logo

Panticosa-Los Lagos, officially called Aramón Panticosa, is a ski resort situated near the town of Panticosa in the upper Tena Valley of the western Pyrenees (province of Huesca, Spain).

The resort[edit]

It has 34 km of marked pistes, being one of the most familiar resorts of the Pyrenees. The highest point is Sabocos peak, 2200 m AMSL, with a vertical drop of 850 m.
The base of the resort is the town of Panticosa, which includes several hotels and apartments and is situated at 1350 m AMSL. From there a gondola lift provides the main access for the resort. The resort itself occupies two different high mountain valleys, defining two sectors: Petrosos and Sabocos. The upper Sabocos valley is accessed by a fast 4 seat chair lift.


Many of the resort's lifts are modern and of high capacity but some are obsolete though the resort is continuously improving them, the resort has:


The resort offers 38 pistes of different difficulties:

    4 beginners.
    14 easy.
    16 intermediate.
    4 expert.


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Coordinates: 42°42′11″N 0°16′29″W / 42.702989°N 0.274594°W / 42.702989; -0.274594