Vallter 2000

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Vallter 2000
Vallter 2000 ski resort
Vallter 2000 ski resort
Nearest major citySetcases, Catalonia (Spain)
Coordinates42°25′37″N 2°15′54″E / 42.42694°N 2.26500°E / 42.42694; 2.26500
Top elevation2,535 metres (8,317 ft)
Base elevation1,910 metres (6,270 ft)
Runs  Black: 2
  Red: 4
  Blue: 4
  Green: 2
12 Total (12 km)
Longest run1,752
Lift system11 Total (5 Chairlift , 2 Platter lift, 3 Carpets, 1 other)
Terrain parksSnowpark, Freeride

Vallter 2000 is a ski resort located in the Vallter valley, close to Setcases, Girona, Catalonia (Spain). The resort has an alpine ski area that extends from 1,910 to 2,535 metres (6,266 to 8,317 ft).

As its name suggests is placed in the Ter River, specifically its axial zone (at birth). Framed by the peaks of Bastiments, Gra de Fajol and Pic de la Dona, the resort occupies the northern part of the Ulldeter circus and western of the Morens.

Station ranges from 2,000 to 2,500 meters, although the basic service and the main car park are not located at lower elevation but from around 2200 meters, from which emerge all lifts except two.

The resort represents an important economical factor for the Camprodon Valley, and probably has contributed increasing the tourist attraction to the villages in the area.

The elevation of the resort allows for more snow than in other resorts, as well as a conservation of the snow falling quite good, although the orientation is not north. The station is equipped with a snowmaking system.

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