Paris–Roubaix Espoirs

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Paris–Roubaix Espoirs
Race details
Date May
Region France
English name Paris–Roubaix U23
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type One-day race
First edition 1967 (1967)
Editions 50 (as of 2017)
First winner  Georges Pintens (BEL)
Most wins  Taylor Phinney (USA) (2 wins)
Most recent  Nils Eekhoff (NED)

Paris–Roubaix Espoirs is an cycling race for riders under the age of 23. The race was first run in 1967. Winners who went on to become famous pros include Yaroslav Popovych, Thor Hushovd, Stephen Roche, and Frédéric Moncassin. In 2005 the race was integrated into the UCI Europe Tour, category 1.2U.[1]

The race finishes at the Roubaix Velodrome.


Rider Team
1967 Belgium Pintens, GeorgesGeorges Pintens (BEL)
1968 France Vasseur, AlainAlain Vasseur (FRA)
1969 France Desmaret, RogerRoger Desmaret (FRA)
1970 France Mattioda, EnzoEnzo Mattioda (FRA)
1971 Belgium Verreydt, LouisLouis Verreydt (BEL)
1972 Belgium Benaets, YvanYvan Benaets (BEL)
1973 France Béon, PatrickPatrick Béon (FRA)
1974 Belgium Steels, MarcMarc Steels (BEL)
1975 Belgium Verschuere, PolPol Verschuere (BEL)
1976 France Simonnot, GérardGérard Simonnot (FRA)
1977 France Lloret, MichelMichel Lloret (FRA)
1978 Belgium De Wolf, AlfonsAlfons De Wolf (BEL)
1979 France Madiot, MarcMarc Madiot (FRA)
1980 Republic of Ireland Roche, StephenStephen Roche (IRL)
1981 Belgium De Maerteleire, KennyKenny De Maerteleire (BEL)
1982 Belgium Rogiers, RudyRudy Rogiers (BEL)
1983 Belgium Verleyen, FrankFrank Verleyen (BEL)
1984 France Marie, ThierryThierry Marie (FRA)
1985 France Chaubet, ChristianChristian Chaubet (FRA)
1986 France Thorey, VincentVincent Thorey (FRA)
1987 France Boucanville, FranckFranck Boucanville (FRA)
1988 France Bezault, LaurentLaurent Bezault (FRA)
1989 France Moncassin, FrédéricFrédéric Moncassin (FRA)
1990 France Gouvenou, ThierryThierry Gouvenou (FRA)
1991 France Larue, EricEric Larue (FRA)
1992 France Chanteur, StéphaneStéphane Chanteur (FRA)
1993 Poland Lesniewski, MarekMarek Lesniewski (POL)
1994 Belgium Dhont, KurtKurt Dhont (BEL)
1995 France Nazon, DamienDamien Nazon (FRA)
1996 Belgium Baeyens, DanyDany Baeyens (BEL)
1997 Belgium Chanoine, MarcMarc Chanoine (BEL)
1998 Norway Hushovd, ThorThor Hushovd (NOR)
1999 France Joly, SébastienSébastien Joly (FRA)
2000 Germany Baumann, EricEric Baumann (GER) Germany (national team)
2001 Ukraine Popovych, YaroslavYaroslav Popovych (UKR) Zoccorinese-Vellutex
2002 Russia Timochine, MikhailMikhail Timochine (RUS) Zoccorinese-Vellutex
2003 Uzbekistan Lagutin, SergeySergey Lagutin (UZB) Uzbekistan (national team)
2004 Netherlands de Kort, KoenKoen de Kort (NED) Rabobank GS3
2005 Russia Kozontchuk, DmitryDmitry Kozontchuk (RUS) Rabobank Continental Team
2006 Netherlands Veelers, TomTom Veelers (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2007 France Gaudin, DamienDamien Gaudin (FRA) Vendée U
2008 Netherlands Vermeltfoort, CoenCoen Vermeltfoort (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2009 United States Phinney, TaylorTaylor Phinney (USA) Trek–Livestrong
2010 United States Phinney, TaylorTaylor Phinney (USA) Trek–Livestrong
2011 Netherlands Sinkeldam, RamonRamon Sinkeldam (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2012 Luxembourg Jungels, BobBob Jungels (LUX) Leopard–Trek Continental Team
2013 No race
2014 Netherlands Teunissen, MikeMike Teunissen (NED) Rabobank Development Team
2015 Switzerland Spengler, LukasLukas Spengler (SUI) BMC Development Team
2016 Italy Ganna, FilippoFilippo Ganna (ITA) Team Colpack
2017 Netherlands Eekhoff, NilsNils Eekhoff (NED) Development Team Sunweb


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