The Crazy Ray

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For the 1923 Lon Chaney film, see While Paris Sleeps.
Paris Qui Dort
The Crazy Ray
Directed by René Clair
Produced by Henri Diamant-Berger (producer)
Written by René Clair
Starring Henri Rollan
Music by Jean Wiener
Cinematography Maurice Desfassiaux
Paul Guichard
Edited by René Clair
Distributed by Film Arts Guild
Release date
  • 26 December 1924 (1924-12-26)
Running time
35 minutes
Country France
Language Silent film
French intertitles

Paris Qui Dort (literally "Paris which sleeps") is a 1924 French science fiction comedy silent short film directed by René Clair. Also released as Le rayon de la mort, its international English-language titles were The Crazy Ray and Paris Asleep. It has also been released in the USA as At 3:25.

Plot summary[edit]

The film is about a mad doctor who uses a magic ray on citizens which causes them to freeze in strange and often embarrassing positions. People who are unaffected by the ray begin to loot Paris.



Home media[edit]

The film is available on the Region 1 Criterion DVD release of another Clair film, Under the Roofs of Paris (1930). It is also available for free at the Internet Archive.

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