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Paristan or Pari-estan (Persian: پریستان‎‎ pariyestân, "fairyland"; پری pari [fairy] + the suffix -stan) is a name of a fairyland in the folklore of Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia. In many children's stories Koh-e-Qaf is also used for fairyland. Koh-e-Qaf (Persian: کوہ قاف‎‎) refers to the Caucasus mountains.

Most of the fairies are depicted as young females with very fair colour, golden hair and light colored eyes.[citation needed] Most of the people claim about Koh-e-Qaf that It is placed near the Baghdad (Iraq). The story named "Thief of Baghdad" mentions that the fairies of Koh-e-Qaf live in a place near Baghdad.

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