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PARNIS Watches
ProductsMechanical watches, mechanical watch parts
ParentParnis Watch Co.

Parnis Watches is a Chinese watch brand manufactured by Parnis Watch Co. The watches are primarily marketed towards foreign markets, particularly in Europe and the United States. Xiao Jian Hong (Guangzhou, China) owns the trademarks and has been responsible for the expansion of the brand since 2005.

Parnis Automatic with Power Reserve

Parnis uses Miyota, Tianjin Seagull and Dixmont Guangzhou movements in their popular models. The company sells its products online primarily through its official website, as well as by partnering with multiple different resellers and distributors. Suntime Watch Company markets the Parnis brand through regional distributors, while Pa Jie markets to large clients and customers wanting to outsource watch production. The manufacturing facilities remain in Tong De Wei, Guangzhou while the main Office has been relocated to Hong Kong to support its international growth (2017).

Parnis designs their watches, contracts for the parts, assembles the watches and plans quality control. The manufacturing facility in Tong De Wei, Guangzhou assembles parts from various vendors. Fu Yuan Xin Watch Product Factory manufacturers the cases, and movements are furnished by Tianjin Sea-Gull, Miyota and Dixmont. [1][2][3][4]


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