Paseo de la Guerra

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Coordinates: 34°25′12.19″N 119°41′59.21″W / 34.4200528°N 119.6997806°W / 34.4200528; -119.6997806

The Paseo de la Guerra is a complex of historic buildings in downtown Santa Barbara, California. Since 1977 it is listed (as El Paseo and Casa de la Guerra) in National Register of Historic Places.[1]

It includes the Spanish Colonial architecture adobe Casa de la Guerra, the restored historic home of a Spanish Military Officer, Civil Servant, and Californio rancher José de la Guerra y Noriega on which construction begun in the 18th century.

Paseo de la Guerra became an artisan and shops arcade integrating the adobe in the mid-20th century, with Spanish Colonial Revival architecture by renowned local architect Lutah Maria Riggs, the associate of George Washington Smith.

Paseo de la Guerra continues as a major landmark and attraction, as a museum and boutique mall.

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