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Pass, passed, PASS, or The Pass may refer to:



  • Pass (military), permission for military personnel to be away from their unit
  • Hall pass, a token allowing a pupil to leave the classroom during school
  • Transit pass, permitting travel, including
    • Boarding pass, allows a passenger to board an aircraft
    • Continent pass, a pass allowing air travel within a continent
    • E-ZPass, an electronic toll-collection system in the United States
    • Eurail pass, issued by Eurail Group for trains and buses in Europe
    • I-Pass, an electronic toll-collection system used in Illinois
    • Indrail Pass, a railway pass for Indian railways
  • Pass laws, apartheid laws in South Africa which limited movement for some people
  • U-Pass (disambiguation)




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  • "The Pass" (song), a song by the band Rush
  • Pass Labs, an audio company based in Foresthill, California, USA
  • Pass Plus, a United Kingdom scheme to improve driving skills among young drivers
  • Passed (band), a Hungarian band formed in the summer of 2014

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