Pass Me the Mic

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Pass Me the Mic
Wilber Pan-Pass Mic-cover.jpg
Pass Me the Mic cover
Studio album 我的麥克風 by Will Pan
Released 19 September 2003
Genre Mandopop
Length 37:08
Language Mandarin
Label Universal Music Taiwan
Will Pan chronology
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Pass Me the Mic
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Pass Me the Mic[citation needed] Wǒ de màikèfēng "My microphone" (Chinese: 我的麥克風) is Taiwanese Mandopop artist Will Pan's (Chinese: 潘瑋柏) second Mandarin studio album. It was released by Universal Music Taiwan on 19 September 2003.[1] A second edition was released containing a VCD with live in concert tracks.[2]

The track "愛上未來的你" (Love The Future You) is listed at number 50 on Hit Fm Taiwan's Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart (Hit-Fm年度百首單曲) for 2003.[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "我的麥克風" (Pass Me the Mic) Lin Xi Kim Do Hoon R2 3:38
2. "咖哩辣椒" (Curry Chili) Will Pan, Tang Chih Chung, Lin Xi Lee Jae Won R2 4:05
3. "愛上未來的妳" (Love the Future You) Yi Chia Yang Tan Jung Chien Wang Chih Ping 4:01
4. "我們都會錯" (We're Both Wrong) Yi Chia Yang Lee Ki Chan Lin Yu Hsien 3:22
5. "If I Can't Have You" Will Pan, Yi Chia Yang Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb B Jack 3:52
6. "How Are You" Will Pan Disco Fighter R2 3:30
7. "非妳不可" (It's You) Yi Chia Yang Chen Hsin An Chen Hsin An 3:33
8. "有話直說" (Speak Truth) Will Pan, Li Cho Hsiung J Wu J Wu 3:22
9. "I Like You Like That" Yi Chia Yang Perry Perry 3:02
10. "到時候再說" (Speak Later) Hsu Shih Chen Kuo Yi Fan Chen Lei 4:25

Bonus VCD[edit]

VCD - live in concert highlights
  1. "我的麥克風" (Pass Me the Mic)
  2. "Kiss Me 123"


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