Wu Ha

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Wu Ha
Wilber Pan-Wu Ha-cover.jpg
Wu Ha cover
Studio album by Wilber Pan
Released 3 September 2004
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Universal Music Taiwan
Wilber Pan chronology
Pass Me The Mic
(2003)Pass Me The Mic2003
Wu Ha
The Expert
(2005)The Expert2005

Wu Ha is Taiwanese Mandopop artist Wilber Pan's (Chinese: 潘瑋柏) third Mandarin studio album. It was released by Universal Music Taiwan on 3 September 2004.[1] This album features a duet, "快樂崇拜" (Adoration to Happiness) with Taiwanese popstress Angela Chang, which was also released in her second album Aurora. The music and lyrics for "我讓你走了" (Letting You Go) were written by Taiwanese singer-songwriter Tank.

The track "Wu Ha" is listed at number 36 on Hit Fm Taiwan's Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart (Hit-Fm年度百首單曲) for 2004.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Wu Ha" Lin Xi K.Y.B K.Y.B 3:47
2. "快樂崇拜 feat. Angela Chang" (Adoration to Happiness) Wilber Pan, Lin Xi Turtles Ma Yu Fen 3:26
3. "我讓你走了" (Letting You Go) Tank Tank Terence Teo 4:09
4. "聲東擊西" (East And West) Wu Hsiung Blazin' Squad, Andrew Murray, Christian Ballard, Jane Vaughan, Obi Mhondera Lin Yu Hsien 3:00
5. "Kiss Night" Ivy Neo Cho Kyu Chan Martin Tang 4:07
6. "我不識廣東話" (Don't Know Cantonese) Tsui Wei Kai Skot Suyama Chen Hsin An 2:59
7. "Do That to Me One More Time" Yu Kuang Chung Toni Tennille Terence Teo 4:35
8. "圓心" (Round Heart) Lin Yi Fen Tan Jung Chien Chiu Wang Tsang 3:57
9. "太想愛你" (Want to Love You) Yi Chia Yang Wang Chih Ping Wang Chih Ping 4:10
10. "說到做到" (Say It Do It) Yi Chia Yang Kim Suk Chan Lee Jung Hoon 4:01

Music video[edit]

  1. "Wu Ha"[3]
  2. "快樂崇拜" (Adoration to Happiness) - feat Angela Chang


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