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Passi is a surname used by people from Punjab. Passi is also a highly prominent Khatri clan from the Punjab. Most older males from the Passi Clan attain the status of "Lala", meaning "wealthy landlord", "esquire".Passi families mainly lived in Punjab, both India and Pakistan. Pre-Partition, Passi's were mostly traders and land leasers. Many Passi families migrated from Pakistan to India during Partition.Passi's are one of the most superior clan in Punjab.Passi's are also considered defenders of the land.They are highly respectable in Punjab.

People with the surname[edit]

  • Santeri Passi (born 1997), Finnish restricted osu!player
  • Ram Sahay saroj(Passi) (born 1960),
  • Dr Shakti Kumar Passi is a Consultant Physiotherapist in Ludhiana he is Specialist in Neurology and Spine Physiotherapy & CEO of Shivalik Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center (Dugri) Ludhiana, Punjab India contect no. 9803809169