Patience Island

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Patience Island from near the Warwick Light
Patience Island, shown in red, in the inner part of Narragansett Bay

Patience Island lies off the northwest coast of Prudence Island in the town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. It has a land area of 0.33 sq mi (0.85 km2; 210 acres), making it the fourth-largest island in Narragansett Bay.


The island and others nearby were named by Roger Williams and other early colonists. Colonial school children often recited the poem: "Patience, Prudence, Hope, and Despair. And the little Hog over there." Patience Island was a gift from the Narragansett Indians to Roger Williams.


Coordinates: 41°39′24″N 71°21′36″W / 41.65667°N 71.36000°W / 41.65667; -71.36000