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Patrecia Scott (January 23, 1940 — March 31, 1977) was a Canadian-born American model as well as television and stage actress who was married from 1969 until her death to Nathaniel Branden.


Born Patrecia Gullison, she started attending, in 1961, talks by psychologist and lecturer on Objectivist philosophy, Nathaniel Branden who was also born in Canada. In 1963 she married fellow student Lawrence Scott but, within months of her marriage, became romantically involved with Branden. The relationship ultimately became one of the key factors in Branden's split with his partner, mentor and lover, Ayn Rand.[1]

Having used the name Patrecia Scott for modeling and acting assignments, she divorced Scott in 1966 and sought Rand's advice regarding a new professional name. Rand suggested that she take the surname of Gail Wynand, one of the lead characters in her novel The Fountainhead. Her new stage name thus became Patrecia Wynand.[citation needed]

In 1968, she and Branden moved to California and married in November 1969. In 1977, she died by drowning at home due to what was considered to be an epileptic seizure triggered by sunlight off the water in the pool while feeding their dog.[2][3]

Filmography (as Patrecia Wynand)[edit]

TV episode title: "Mask of Deceit"
Originally aired 1975
TV episode title: "A Woman's Work Is with a Gun"
Originally aired January 21, 1975
Character name: Fay
TV episode title: "A Walk in the Shadows"
Originally aired 1972
Character name: Linda
TV episode title: "Jennifer"
Originally aired 1971
Character name: Rachel
ABC Movie of the Week
Originally aired 1971
Character name: Hostess


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Also known as[edit]

  • Patricia Scott (first married name)
  • Patrecia Branden (second married name)
  • Patrecia Wynand (professional name)

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