Patrick Trezise

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Patrick Trezise
Personal information
Nationality  South Africa
Born (1982-03-25) 25 March 1982 (age 35)
Durban, South Africa
Height 1.82 m (5 ft 11 12 in)
Weight 90 kg (198 lb)
Sport Judo
Event(s) 90 kg
Club TuksSport

Patrick Trezise (born 25 March 1982 in Durban) is a South African judoka, who played for the middleweight category.[1] He is also a four-time medalist for his division at the African Judo Championships.[2]

Trezise represented South Africa at the 2008 Summer Olympics, where he competed for the men's middleweight class (90 kg). He lost his first preliminary match by an ippon and a kata guruma (shoulder wheel) to Russia's Ivan Pershin.[3] Because his opponent advanced further into the semi-finals, Trezise offered another shot for the bronze medal by entering the repechage rounds. He was defeated in his first match by Argentina's Diego Rosati, who successfully scored an ippon and a seoi-nage (shoulder throw), at fifty-three seconds.[4]


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