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This article is about the fictional character. Patti Tate was also the youngest sister of murdered actress Sharon Tate.
Patti Tate
Mary Stuart anniversary photos 1976.jpg
Patti and Joanne Barron in the show's first episode, 1951.
Search for Tomorrow character
Portrayed by Lynn Loring (1951–61)
Nancy Pinkerton (1961)
Abigail Kellogg (1961–64)
Patricia Harty (1964–65)
Gretchen Walther (1965, temp)
Melissa Murphy (1965–66)
Trish Van Devere (1967)
Melinda Plank (1967–69)
Leigh Lassen (1969–75)
Tina Sloan (1976–78)
Jacqueline Schultz (1985–86)
Duration 1951–78, 1985–86
First appearance September 3, 1951
Last appearance December 26, 1986
Created by Roy Winsor
Other names Patti Barron; Patti Whiting
Occupation nurse
Residence Henderson, USA

Patricia Tate Whiting McCleary (née Barron), often called Patti (later spelled Patty) Tate, is a fictional character on the now-cancelled American soap opera Search for Tomorrow. She was played by numerous actresses over the years, including Tina Sloan and Jacqueline Schultz (who played her at the show's end), but actresses Lynn Loring and Leigh Lassen are perhaps most identified with the role.

Jo's daughter[edit]

Patti was the daughter of Joanne Gardner and her first husband, Keith Barron (John Sylvester White). After Keith had died in a car accident, Jo began to make a home for herself, knowing that she had a young daughter to raise. Patti had been a target of Keith's mother, Irene Barron, who tried to sue Jo for custody, but failed, and then tried to kidnap her.

She had a best friend in Janet Bergman, her next door neighbor, and the daughter of Stu and Marge Bergman.

When Jo married her second husband, Arthur Tate, he adopted Patti, giving her his last name. She had met and fallen in love with Dr. Len Whiting, a very weak man, who was a doctor, and she was hated by his mother, Andrea Whiting (Joan Copeland). However, Andrea had hidden from Len that he was the son of Sam Reynolds, who, by this time, was seeing Patti's mother, Jo. (Arthur having died of a heart attack) Andrea was hateful due to the heavy guilt she had over the death of Len's twin brother.

Patti continued to work as a nurse at Henderson Hospital, and when she went through a difficult pregnancy after giving birth to twin children. Chris and Tracey, although their history with Patti & Jo were totally ignored by the powers that be for Search For Tomorrow.

Later, she was to work with an assigned nurse named, Stephanie Wilkins, who would later on become her mother's adversary. After Len had committed a crime, he and Patti left for Seattle in 1978 and so did his mother, Andrea, now more caring and sympathetic. While living in Seattle, she and Len adopted a girl named Sarah. After a slow adjustment Sarah pursued a career in nursing (like Patti) but wanted to become a signer like her grandmother Jo (Patti's Mom).

Seven years later on Christmas Day in 1985, Patti (now played by Jacqueline Schultz) returned to Henderson to help her mother, and had explained that after mourning the death of their daughter Sarah (Michelle Joyner), she and Len had divorced while they were in Seattle. She spelled her name Patty by this time. She also came back to town to find out who killed her daughter. With help from practically the entire town of Henderson, she found who killed Sarah and who also killed Stephanie, right before the flood that wiped out Henderson. After finding justice for her daughter's death and after her bitter divorce from Len, she began to have a relationship with newspaper reporter, Hogan McCleary. She worked with him while trying to bring the "Henderson Serial Killer", San Marcos native & crime lord Alberto Rivera (Lloyd Battista) to justice.

In 1986, she had fallen in love with Hogan McCleary and had married him on the final episode of Search for Tomorrow.