Pattie Coldwell

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Pattie Coldwell
Born14 May 1952
Clitheroe, Lancashire
Died17 October 2002(2002-10-17) (aged 50)
OccupationRadio and Television presenter
Spouse(s)Tony Kerner
Partner(s)Michael Wood

Pattie Coldwell (14 May 1952 – 17 October 2002) was a British TV presenter and journalist.

Born in Clitheroe, Lancashire, she attended Clitheroe Royal Grammar School for Girls before working as a secretary and starting in local television (Granada TV) as a reporter and presenter. She progressed to nationally networked programmes, such as Nationwide, Open Air, Loose Women and, on BBC Radio 4, You and Yours. Her premature death resulted from a brain tumour at the age of 50; she had had breast cancer previously.

Her partner for several years was the historian and broadcaster Michael Wood. She was married twice, and had a daughter Dannie (born 1992) with her first husband, the presenter Tony Kerner.

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