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Written by Howard Brenton
Date premiered 30 September 2005
Original language English
Subject Life of Paul the Apostle
Setting 1st century Judaea
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Paul is a 2005 play by Howard Brenton, which portrays the life and career of Paul the Apostle. It was first performed in the Cottesloe auditorium of the National Theatre, London from 30 September 2005 – 4 February 2006, in modern dress.

The press night was postponed due to the exhaustion of Paul Rhys and his replacement by Adam Godley, while the National received 200 letters of complaint even before opening night. It portrayed Jesus as having survived the Crucifixion and his appearance to Paul outside Damascus as a chance encounter engineered by his wife Mary Magdalene and Peter rather than the vision which Paul takes it to be.


Cast and crew of the first production:




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