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Paul Barbeau
Quebec City Film Festival, September 2012, producer Paul Barbeau.jpg
Paul Barbeau, Quebec City Film Festival 2012
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Film producer

Paul Barbeau is a Canadian film producer who lives in Montreal.[1]

He has produced more than 700 music videos, six feature films and has written and directed a feature film.

Barbeau[2] has produced approximately 700 music videos for various international artists (Celine Dion, Arcade Fire, Martha Wainwright, Daniel Lanois, Tragically Hip, and others) with his production company NúFilms[3] which was founded in 2000. After several MuchMusic Video Awards,[4] Victoires de la Musique and Grammy Award[5][6] nominations, NuFilms was forced to end production largely due to the financial impacts of illegal downloading of music.[7][8]

In the winter of 2009, under financial strain, Barbeau shuts down the company.[7] The experience inspired him to write and then later direct his first feature film, Après la neige[9][10] aka Winter Passed (English title), released in 2012.[8]

Under his new company Reprise Films, Barbeau has produced five films. Demain[11] and Jo pour Jonathan[12][13] were directed by Maxime Giroux, with the latter having its world premiere at the 2010 Locarno International Film Festival.[14][15] Roméo Onze[16] was directed by Ivan Grbovic,[17] and premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2010[18] where it received the Ecumenical Jury Commendation.[19] In 2012, he completed Sébastien Rose's[20] film, Avant que mon coeur bascule,[21] which starred Sophie Lorain,[22] Sébastien Ricard[23] and Alexis Martin[24] and premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2013. Barbeau has been nominated for several Jutra Awards in Quebec, including a 2013 nomination for Best Picture for the film Roméo Onze. (Romeo Eleven) [25]


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