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"Dr. Paul" redirects here. For the physician and U.S. congressman, see Ron Paul.
Paul Dobransky
Born September 30, 1967
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Residence New York City, NY
Citizenship United States of America
Fields Psychiatry, Television personality, radio personality, author, speaker,
Institutions Fox New National, NBC' nightline
Alma mater University of Pittsburgh M.D.,
Known for Relationship theory, character development, grief, loss, and dating

Paul Dobransky, also known as "Dr. Paul", is an American writer, psychiatrist, television and radio personality, author, speaker, former business consultant and CEO of several websites.[1][2] He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is currently living in New York City, New York.[3]

Dobransky delivers seminars on dating and relationships to men and women in Chicago, Montreal, and London, and seminars using Mind OS[2][4] (a synthesis of the disciplines of psychology) to instruct on character maturity, personal growth, communication, decision-making and team-building, as well as gender communication.[3] He has appeared on television programs including The Bachelor, NBC's Nightline, Anderson Cooper 360°, and Fox News.

He also owns a personality temperament diagram used to analyze social and person interaction called King Warrior Magician Lover (KMWL) as well as streaming podcasts for NBC on sex, dating, and relationships. He has also been known to speak at various schools across America about the mathematical term SohCahToa.[5][6]

Dobransky has been a guest speaker in several programs by David DeAngelo, and appeared in numerous television journalism programs (CNN, Fox News National, NBC's Nightline),[7] on radio (currently he is a weekly guest on a syndicated radio show, 2nd Shift, with host Alan Kabel), and print media, including the magazines Maxim, Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Men's Journal, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, First For Women, Women's Health, Self, and Psychology Today.[3][8]



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