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Paul Johnson Calderon is an American writer, socialite, television personality, artist, former fashion stylist, and active columnist known for starring alongside Tinsley Mortimer in The CW's television series High Society.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Calderon was raised in New England, mainly Maine, and Northampton, Massachusetts, but also for a time resided in California.[2] He has a close relationship with his mother.[3] He identifies as gay. Calderon attended Deerfield Academy and graduated in the class of 2003. He then went on to attend Trinity College and Sarah Lawrence College.[4]


Calderon worked as a fashion stylist and assistant for Lauren Davis of Vogue Magazine for a short time.[5] He is a former guest columnist for Paper Magazine,[6][7][8] but now writes for[9]

Reality television[edit]

After leaving Vogue, Johnson Calderon starred in The CW's reality television show High Society alongside other socially prominent New Yorkers.[10]