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Paul Newman
Origin Austin, Texas, United States
Genres Post-rock, math rock
Years active 1995 (1995)–present
Labels Trance Syndicate, My Pal God, Temporary Residence, Emperor Jones
Members Paul A. Newman
Craig McCaffrey
Anthony Nozero
Eddie Robert

Paul Newman is an Austin-based post rock/math rock band taking its name from its bassist.[1] Their music is largely instrumental, creating vast soundscapes with occasional interjections of both subtle and intense vocals.


The band formed in 1995 with an initial lineup of Paul A. Newman (bass guitar), Craig McCaffrey (guitar), and Anthony Nozero (drums).[2] Bassist Eddie Robert joined the following year.[2] After a debut single, the band signed to Trance Syndicate, releasing their first album, Frames per Second, on the label in 1998.[2] Second album Only Love Can Break Your Heart followed later that year.[1][2] After Trance Syndicate folded they signed to My Pal God for the 2000 album Machine Is Not Broken.[2]

In 2005 they released This Is How It Is Lost on the Emperor Jones label.[3]




  • Frames Per Second (1998), Trance Syndicate
  • Only Love Can Break Your Heart (1998), Trance Syndicate
  • Machine Is Not Broken (2000), My Pal God
  • Travels in Constants, Volume 8 (2000), Temporary Residence
  • Re-Issue, Re-Package, Re-Package. Re-Evaluate the Songs (2001), My Pal God
  • This Is How It Is Lost (2005), Emperor Jones


  • Twistworthy Number Seven (1997), Twistworthy
  • "Way to Breathe" (2001), Temporary Residence


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