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Paulo Furtado

Paulo Furtado,[1] known by his stage name The Legendary Tigerman (born September 1970), is a Portuguese musician. As the Legendary Tigerman, he plays blues music in a one-man band style, accompanying his singing with guitar, harmonica and drums alone on stage. Furtado is also the lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the rock band WrayGunn and formerly played in the rockabilly group Tédio Boys.


Furtado was born in Portuguese Mozambique, where he lived until age one.[2] He then moved to Coimbra, Portugal with his parents. Later he enrolled at Lisbon University to study Human Movement Science but dropped out after three days, considering the studies pointless. He then focused a lot on surfing becoming a local body board hero. During this period it was said that he had various affairs.

Furtado's musical career began in the late 1980s as the lead guitar player and songwriter in the Portuguese psychobilly band Tédio Boys. The group released three albums during the 1990s and embarked on a U.S. tour. In 1999, after leaving Tédio Boys, Furtado founded the Coimbra-based blues rock outfit WrayGunn, in which he plays lead guitar and sings alongside Raquel Ralha. The band has released five albums.[3]

During this period, Furtado began a solo career as the Legendary Tigerman. He released his first album, Naked Blues, on the Subotnick Enterprises label in 2001. While working with Subotnick Enterprises, he released the followup, Fuck Christmas, I Got the Blues (2003) and the remix compilation In Cold Blood (2004). Switching to Rastilho Records, he produced Masquerade in 2006, which won him critical acclaim. In 2009 he joined Jarvis Cocker on a successful tour. Following this, he switched to EMI to produce his fifth solo album, Femina, which featured collaborations with female singers and became one of the top 5 albums on the Portuguese charts.[3]


He has released 5 albums:


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