Pavao Štoos

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Pavao Štoos
Pavao Štoos2.jpg
Born December 10, 1806
Dubravica, Croatia
Died March 30, 1862
Pokupsko, Croatia
Occupation Writer, priest, revivalist
Literary movement Romanticism

Pavao Štoos (December 10, 1806 – March 30, 1862) was a Croatian poet, priest and a revivalist

After graduating theology in Zagreb, he served as a bishop's secretary for a brief period, and from 1842 he was a pastor of the Pokupsko parish.

Štoos is a notable person among Croatian patriots; as the author of a well-known elegy Kip domovine vu početku leta 1831, collaborator of Ljudevit Gaj's Danica, he clearly articulated his concerns over the foreign oppression and the de-nationalisation of the common people (vre i svoj jezik zabit Horvati hote ter drugi narod postati). Štoos pessimistically observes contemporary political and cultural movements, seeing the country as if trapped in the darkness of a dungeon (srce od plača ne mrem zdržati).

Pavao Štoos, monument in his native Dubravica

Besides the literature, he was also engaged in music and has published in 1858 Kitice srkvenih pjesama s napjevima. He is the author of the song "Poziv u kolo ilirsko".

In 1862 he was appointed as a Zagreb canon, but he died before he managed to officially receive the title.