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Pax Forlag AS
Industry Publishing
Founded 1964
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Area served
Key people
Bjørn Smith-Simonsen (publisher)
Astrid de Vibe (CEO)

Pax Forlag is a Norwegian publishing house, established in 1964.[1]

The first manager was Tor Bjerkmann, who chaired the company from 1964 to 1972.[2]

Starting with Bjerkmann's new translation of George Orwell's Animal Farm, Pax published 150 quality paperback editions during its first three years of operation.[3]

Pax Forlag has issued a selected reprint of the "working class" encyclopaedia Arbeidernes Leksikon in 1974, and the political encyclopaedia Pax Leksikon (1978-1981).


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